We are now accepting Spirit Judge Applications!


A spirit judge is a brave soul, customarily a veteran GNCTRer, who along with their fellow spirit judges dedicates their life (for the duration of the competition) to ensuring that the spirit of GNCTR is shown to all of the competitors, all of the time. Ultimately they are there to judge the spirit levels of the competitors – but the role is first and foremost the following: that the competitors answer to “ARE YOU HAVING A GREAT TIME?” is always (a voluntary) “YES!”

So what are the responsibilities of a Spirit Judge?

  1. Coordinate with the OC and fellow Spirit Judges to develop spirit challenges prior to and during the competition
  2. Help develop a spirit judging rubric to fairly evaluate spirit challenge entries and overall team spirit
  3. Run spirit challenges prior to and during the competition, and report team scores to the VP Social
  4. Hold daily spirit captains meetings during the competition
  5. Determine winners of the spirit awards to be handed out during the closing ceremony
  6. Have a positive attitude at all times!!!
  7. Embody the spirit that is GNCTR.

What kind of commitment does a spirit judging take?

Check your calendar! GNCTR 2019 takes place from 1/30/2019 –2/3/2019, in Edmonton, Alberta.

Spirit Judges are required to be at ALL events. This requires a 100% commitment of your time, voice, sanity, and soul for four days.

What do you need to apply for spirit judge?

Please make a short video explaining why YOU want to be a spirit judge, why we want you to be a spirit judge, what GNCTR spirit means to you, and how you will exemplify this at GNCTR 2019.

Make us laugh, make us cry, make us remember the GNCTRs of winters long past – but please keep it PG. All applicants should understand that these videos will be viewed by all members of the OC.

All videos must be shorter than 4:20s. Once your video is ready, please fill out the Spirit Judge Application Form, below, including a link to your video (past years applications used private YouTube links) . If you have any questions or trouble with the form, please email us at info@gnctr2019.com

Applications will be accepted until September 30th 2018 @ 11:59PM Mountain Time. All applications must contain a video made by the applicant. Applications will be judged by the OC. All decisions made by the OC are final. Successful applicants will be notified by email in October 2018.